Month: August 2017

Yoga For Athletes!

Yoga For Athletes!

Begins September 5 at 5:30pm
Alexander YMCA

Athletes in general go fast and hard. We push and push and push ~ sometimes to the point of injury. Default for many athletes is GO or STOP. Balance does not come easily or naturally.

In Yoga, it is important to slow down enough to observe what is going on in your body. When you come to your mat, seek BALANCE. Look for quality of movement. Incorporating Yoga into your regular routine will help you build a well balanced body.

Athletes also tend to isolate different muscle groups in their training. We build up a “strong side.” Yoga helps the athlete uncover weaknesses and imbalances. Working these underused muscle groups will help create a more balanced fitness routine and eventually lead to better performance.

This and much more will be incorporated into

Every Tuesday
Alexander YMCA


New Class! Yoga for the Athlete

New Class! Yoga for the Athlete

Yoga for the Athlete!

Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Alexander YMCA

Beginning September 5, I will be teaching a  new weekly class at the Alexander YMCA

Yoga for the Athlete!

If you are looking for a creative way to get strength and resistance training, improve range of motion and balance, yoga is a great addition to your workouts. Yoga is the perfect cross training method for athletes of all sports.

Perfect for athletes of all ages from High School Athletes to Masters Athletes!

Super excited to be teaching this class to share with others
the advanced training I have received with Yogi Extraordinare,
Sage Rountree

(Check out her books, athletes she has worked with, and her website by clicking her name above)
Broughton High School Tennis Team does Yoga!

Broughton High School Tennis Team does Yoga!

Go Caps! 

These ladies are preparing for their tennis season with postures that will improve balance, stability, strength, flexibility, and core stabilization.

Breath control is also crucial in maintaining focus and managing stress on and off the court!

I can help your sports team become stronger in these areas! Email me for a free session to see the benefits of Yoga for the Athlete!

Yoga for Tennis Players Workshop at North Hills Club

Yoga for Tennis Players Workshop at North Hills Club

Yoga is Served!

  4 Mondays 10:30-11:30

September 18- October 9


$60.00 for all 4 weeks
Registration will open to non club members on September 10.
12 people maximum

Taught by Julie Gilbert
Advanced Training in Yoga for the Athlete

To register email
Tia Casady

For tennis players and other athletes working to find balance, flexibility, strength, and core stabilization. Tennis includes a lot of fast lunging, swinging and twisting on the court. Focus and a clear mind are needed to be successful in your matches. We will work on tight hips and hamstrings, shoulders, and legs. We’ll also focus on using the breath as a tool for focus and stress as we flow through asanas (yoga poses), ending in a nice calming Savasana!

Game On! 

If you have Monday matches, share the cost of the 4 weeks with teammates who are not scheduled to play on a date you are.

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa

These 5 awesome men were newcomers to my 6am Power Vinyasa Class this morning. They did AMAZING!

I love my Monday morning people!!!

Today’s Challenge: Do something different!

(They all assured me they already had by class end!)