Month: November 2017

Engage your Core – What the Heck?!

Engage your Core – What the Heck?!

How many times have you heard a yoga instructor say “engage your core!” when you’re in the midst of a pose? What does it really mean to engage your core?

Contracting the transversus abdominis (the deepest abdominal muscle) is the key to spine stability and truly engaging your core. It lies underneath the the highly desired 6-pack muscle, the rectus abdominus and the oblique abdominals.

How to Engage Your Core

One way to think of engaging your core is to imagine you’re bracing yourself for a punch in the stomach. Or place your hands at your waist and cough. The muscles that contract in that action are the transversus abdominals

It acts as a natural “weight belt” or muscular girdle/corset (think “Spanx”!) that  helps to improve posture, muscle balance and stabilization. A strong TVA provides a solid foundation for any movement.

This week and next, we will focus on this deep abdominal muscle in all of the classes I teach. Get ready!