Lent Week 2 ~ The Reflection prior to our Flow

Lent Week 2 ~ The Reflection prior to our Flow

Matthew 21:12

Surrender impure motives and distractions

Cleansing of the inner and outer temple.

We are called to be stewards; to protect the inner and outer world. 

We are called to be bold and call out injustice.

Lent is a time of cleansing and repentance. Repentance means to turn away from. Lent is a time when we turn away from something negative or that is not the best for us. It is a time to turn towards the light.

We use meditation and yoga as an opportunity to cleanse and remove many of the things that distract/tempt us. Freedom from the things that allow us to be of love and service. Free to love others that are hard to love on a day to day basis.

Experience freedom to experience greater love, service and joy in your life.

Use this as a time of cleansing.

Drawing our devotion from  Meister Eckhart’s entry in Bread and Wine; Readings for Lent and Easter

As we begin our time of meditation, Seek to feel the ever close presence of God.

Jesus in the temple, cleansing the temple, flipping the tables, kicks merchants out ~ Jesus gets angry at the merchants in the temple. Made the Fathers’ house a den of thieves; He is angry at the way they have taken advantage of the holiness and sacredness of the space; commercialized it and used for their own individual profit. Selfish motive. 

How often am I the merchant? Being quick to commercialize or use what God has given me for my own advancement and profit? 

Looking for more likes and followers on social media, doing good deeds for selfish motives; hoping God will give us the thing we desire…

How often do I try to manipulate and earn identity, profit, security or praise that is not from Christ?

Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to Search the motives of your heart. To reveal how we might use God for your own gain?

Am I looking to get something from God in some means of exchange? For my own gain? 

What are the distractions of my heart? The deep things I lust after? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what some of those distractions are. What is driving you today to go to the temple, set up your table  and sell things that line your pocket? Surrender those things/desires/motivations/ and distractions to God. Ask him to remove them from your heart, hands, mind and lips.

When all is cleared, there is no one else left but Jesus.

Sweeping away the tables of commercialization, flee from impure motives and distractions and what is left is Jesus alone in the temple.

Last minutes just to allow time with Jesus in the temple.

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